I was 10 years old and my Mom’s very best friend, Dotty Dawson, convinced her, who then convinced my Dad, that we should go up to Maine for a 2-week vacation. I can recall, sitting in 5th grade class, wondering what it would be like to go to Maine. Heck, going to Maine was like going half way around the world. We Weiss’s did not travel much. Going to the Green Acres Mall, in Valley Stream Long Island, about 5 miles away, was perhaps the longest trip we would take prior to Maine.

Now this Maine thing was a big deal. My mom started packing about 2 weeks before we were to leave. Dotty and Rob Dawson were kind enough to meet us at our house, 4AM, to begin our first trek north.

We arrived, and it was magical. I cannot recall all details about that first trip, but one thing I do remember, and that was my mom crying when we were leaving. She thought, for some reason, we were not going to come back, and my Dad said, don’t worry, we will come back, and they did. When my Dad passed, my Step Dad continued the tradition. My mom enjoyed summers in Maine for almost 50 years, and here I sit, on my dock, having Maine in my blood, for what equals 50 years too.

Maine for me has created the most valuable and wonderful life experiences I could ever ask for. I am always excited to leave for Maine and I am sad to close down and leave Maine for a while, but I am so blessed knowing I can come back. There is no other place on this planet that I have those same feelings for.